aboutOur Mission Statement
… to provide a focused network to share information on ES&H auditing requirements and best practices to enable continual improvement of each member company’s ES&H auditing programs

How ESHAA will achieve its mission
- Be Composed of a network of operating companies with existing ES&H auditing programs.

- Focus on ES&H auditing subject areas that are relevant to the needs of member companies.

- Maintain awareness of trends, regulations and initiatives that might reasonably impact ES&H auditing.

- Maintain awareness of relevant activities, initiatives, and expectations of bellwether public interest groups to assess potential impact on ES&H auditing.

2019 Meeting Dates

February 12th
May 14th
August 13h
November 12th

2019 ESHAA Officers

President: Barry Hanlon, Occidental

Vice President: John Mitchell, Air Liquide

Secretary/Treasurer: Judy Moran, Kinder Morgan